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Equinox is a game I started to write. Documentation is available from http://equinox.tribbeck.com/.


FahZhi Tracker is a sequencer I last did any major work on in 2005. It is included in the autobuild system because its playroutine is used by Equinox - which is also available on the autobuild system.

I wanted it to be included in the autobuild system so I knew that GCCSDK was able to compile a working module with complex underpinnings.

There are some details about it in http://www.tribbeck.com/software/fahzhi/


ROVLib is a RISC OS library for developing C applications. Documentation is available from http://rovlib.tribbeck.com/.

ROVLib tutorials

ROVLib is a RISC OS library for developing C applications, and these are built examples based on the tutorials available for it.


ROVLib2 is a RISC OS library for developing C++ applications. Documentation and tutorials are downloadable from the autobuilds area.


SonorSound is the relocatable module used in a number of programs:

  • !Sonor (my first sample editing program)
  • !Sample (released by Acorn Computers in 1995; based on !Sonor)
  • !TalkCJr (Talking Canvas Junior)
  • !ReSound (a version of !Sonor written for North West SEMRC, an education authority of the time)

I have plans...


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