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Now built with Jenkins


Amethyst is an embeddable basic ARM emulator, with a very old embeddable ARM assembler (the latter is used for unit testing the ARM emulator)


SoundSystem is a new RISC OS Sound API that is designed to allow audio playback and recording, and have more modern file formats than the current RISC OS Sound system.


AudioConductor has been replaced by SoundSystem.


Equinox is a game I started to write. Documentation is available from http://equinox.tribbeck.com/.


FahZhi Tracker is a sequencer I last did any major work on in 2005. It is included in the autobuild system because its playroutine is used by Equinox - which is also available on the autobuild system.


This is an experimental version of RISCOS_Lib compiled using GCCSDK - mainly because I haven't found one!


This is an experimental version of RISCOS_Lib+, compiled with GCCSDK. RISCOS_Lib+ is my own extensions to RISCOS_Lib, and were used by !Sonor and a lot of other programs...


ROVLib is a RISC OS library for developing C applications. Documentation is available from http://rovlib.tribbeck.com/.

ROVLib tutorials

ROVLib is a RISC OS library for developing C applications, and these are built examples based on the tutorials available for it.


ROVLib2 is a RISC OS library for developing C++ applications. Documentation and tutorials are downloadable from the autobuilds area.


Sonor is a sample editing package


SonorSound is the relocatable module used in a number of programs.


Thieves is a card game I wrote in 1993. It is a functionally equivalent game to one that Microsoft produced in that era. You can see it in action here.

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